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Dundee Gin Tastings - Free Gin Tasting

Dundee Gin Tasting at 12PM & 2PM - Free Tastings

Making more than just a comeback, gin has become the trendy tipple. There really has been such a resurgence within the gin market and it’s no longer the mainstay at the back of yer grannie’s booze cupboard, but at the forefront of all the top bars and restaurants across the country! Come and try the incredibly smooth Dundee Gin 46% Dry Gin and onto their other gin liqueurs – take your taste buds on a pleasant trip tasting these fantastic gins.

'Our Gin. Your Gin. A'body's Gin'

'Founder Peter Menzies, having run his own venue at The Vine and mobile bars in and around Dundee, stocked 140 different gins. After sampling a particularly good rhubarb and ginger gin, he realised how popular they were. Thereafter Peter got a team together, and, having been heavily involved with Dundee Cake, it was obvious that his ingredient had to be marmalade. Not just any marmalade, but Dundee’s very own recipe.

After some help from the experts, the signature product was born, and the rest is definitely not history.'

Classic Dry Gin

ABV: 46%

Produced in small batches, our classic dry gin brings together ten key botanicals. Bottled at 46% ABV, the gin is incredibly smooth and versatile.

The ubiquitous juniper is supported with notes of citrus and liquorice, with a wee spicy kick at the end.

Dundee Gin Small Batch 46%The Perfect Serve:

A big wedge of grapefruit, with Fevertree tonic or Sicilian lemonade.


Juniper berries from The Balkans

Coriander seeds from Eastern Europe

Cut and dried Angelica root from France/Belgium

Dried Sweet Lemon peels from Spain

Dried Sweet Orange peels from Spain

Liquorice root powder from The Mediterranean

Ground Nutmeg from the West Indies

Cinnamon bark from Madagascar

Orrisroot powder from Italy (Florentine Iris)

Cassia bark from China

Marmalade Gin Liqueur

ABV: 26.5%

The Dundee Gin Company’s signature product.

Our ever popular Marmalade Gin Liqueur is based on a classic dry gin. On the palate, rich marmalade notes dominate along with a hint of sweetness.

The Perfect Serve:

Enjoy Marmalade Gin on its own, over crushed ice or try our perfect serve, in a tall glass over ice with a big wedge of orange and Fevertree Sicilian Lemonade.

Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur

ABV: 26.5%

A brand new addition to our range of gins.

Our Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur, captures the essence of what is great about our globally respected local berries

The rich berry flavours rise to a delicious crescendo on the palate, balanced perfectly by the London Dry Gin base and just enough sugar.

The Perfect Serve

Fantastic with Champagne, Cava or Prosecco. Also perfect for cocktails and long drinks with your favourite mixer.


ABV: 26.5%

The team at The Dundee Gin Company have once again come out with an absolute corker. The perfect gift this Christmas time is most certainly their Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur. A wonderfully smooth liqueur with complex overtones that if you were to just close your eyes, you would swear there was a slice of cake right in front of you.