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Black Thistle Gin Tasting with Christina 12-4pm

Meet Christina to tell you more about the spirit of Black Thistle and try their uber cool products.

This event is free and offers you the chance to learn more and try these products so that you can go away and enlighten friends and family with your extra knowledge!

Here is a little about this wonderful new local Scottish supplier and their products:

'Black Thistle is based in Brechin, in the heart of Angus, a region renowned for producing the finest fruit, vegetables and of course, botanicals. With this abundance of top-quality local produce, we don’t compromise on the key ingredients for our range of smooth yet sassy gin and vodka. We select a finely balanced blend of local and more exotic botanicals for each of our spirits.'

A carefully curated blend of key botanicals, infused with locally grown wild thistle, and fresh, filtered Scottish water combine to give our gin its unique characteristics.

We fuse the cornerstones of traditional gin – clean, green juniper and warm, aromatic coriander – with our own hand-picked blend of fragrant orris root, caraway seeds, wormwood and the wild thistle which grows in abundance around our distillery.

The result is a smooth, crisp and deceptively simple gin. A gin which positively sings when served with a quality tonic, lots of ice and a twist of citrus.


Our vodka is characterised by a creamy, smooth flavour married to a pure, clean finish.

We distill the vodka not once, but twice through a 12-plate column. The result? A spirit with maximum purity and quality.

We use the same fresh, Scottish water, and wild thistle that goes into producing our distinctive gin.

Shake well before pouring to unlock the mist within.

41% VOL