Some of latest arrivals in store today and whilst stocks last!


JCUK Jewellery

We have selected a beautiful selection of JCUK Jewellery now available in store.

Amazing colours and designs to perfect any outfit or occasion during the day or night.


spring plants & NEW SEASON STOCK

We have spring plants sourced from a Scottish grower. From hanging baskets, bedding to pots we have plenty of choice.

It’s delightful to see these beautiful plants just starting to bloom! There are Viola, Euphorbia, Polanthus, Primula, Primroses and Helleborus. We have lovely staff that are here to offer advice on plants too.

We also have just had delviered in new stock and have plenty of perennials and hardy plants available.



Vegetable & Flower Seeds

Thompson & Morgan have been selling seeds since 1855 and have a worldwide reputation for quality and variety. Their huge choice of flower, fruit and vegetable seeds includes traditional favourites as well as many unusual varieties.

Seed Potatoes

Harvesting Time – You might notice that Taylor’s different seed potato packs are colour coded; blue for “First Earlies”, orange for “Second Earlies” and green for “Maincrop”. First and Second Earlies will give you “new potatoes” in the summer, Maincrops will give you tubers for eating in the autumn and enough to store over winter for later use. First Earlies will typically be ready for harvesting in June/July, Second Earlies in July/August and Main Crops from August onward but if storing then can be harvested in September or October.